Ways to Prevent Potential Damage to Your Retaining Wall

Despite most contractors saying retaining walls don’t need maintenance, not inspecting it thoroughly or overlooking its upkeep can potentially cause damages to it and shorten its lifespan. The durability and longevity of a retaining wall will depend on the quality of materials and the method used to construct it. The Frequency of maintenance will also play a huge factor.



Most of the time, retaining walls SA could last up to fifty years. However, without proper and regular maintenance, it will only last a few years before breaking and crumbling down. As a homeowner, there are different ways you can prevent potential damages to your retaining wall.


Poor Design


Usually, properly constructed retaining walls will last for a long time while a poorly designed one will show signs of damages in as early as few months or years right after construction. Some homeowners here in South Australia have retaining walls SA with bad design. The main reason is that they opt for hiring inexperienced wall builders to do their job and to save money. On the other hand, good retaining wall builders will first ensure if the project is doable given the different circumstances that arise. If the area of the project is good and everything is in order, they will give the green light to commence construction. They will then determine which design, technique, and materials they’re going to use that will suit the conditions of the area.


Rot Prevention


This problem usually arises among homeowners who chose to go with wooden retaining walls. While retaining wall are both appealing and inexpensive, they tend to be prone to rot. Since the wood is vulnerable to the moist soil and all the other elements of the outdoors, it’s at high risk of rotting and not lasting very long. To prevent the wood from your retaining walls from breaking down, you can ask your retaining wall builder to use a particular type of timber covering called foundation contact. This substance coats the wood and forms a protective barrier that enables it to be safe from the soil, water, and other harmful elements.


As much as we love our retaining walls, there’s that possibility of it not lasting long due to the negligence of the homeowner. Your retaining walls SA also needs that pampering and care. So give the attention and love that it deserves and it will guarantee to serve you long.