Why Palm Tree Pruning Matters

If properly maintained, palm trees look attractive and presentable. You do not want to see them shaggy for the reason that you ignore them for the most part. You should know that there is more to maintaining them than just for aesthetic purposes. In fact, how your palm tree looks is the least of your concerns. Maintenance includes palm tree pruning, which is intended for making sure your tree does not become a potential hazard. You see, large branches and dead parts are safety risks as they can potentially fall off and damage your property or even injure someone, including you.

Here are the reasons why palm tree pruning and trimming matters:

  1. If you are biased in giving much attention to your roses and other plants in the garden, while ignoring the palm trees, that perception should change as soon as possible. Palm trees need maintenance too for them to look great. It is especially true if you are planning to sell your house one day. The last thing you need is a home inspector or appraiser who tells you that your palm trees found inside your property is part of deferred maintenance. It means you may be forced to pay to have it done or face the possibility of slashing off your asking price so that the buyer takes care of the palm tree pruning job.
  2. Another reason why palm tree pruning – www.palmtreeremovaldarwin.com.au makes sense is that dead palm fronts are an ideal place for rats to build a home. In fact, parent rats go the extra mile to look for palm trees which are not pruned or trimmed since they offer the best shelter for baby rats. Having rats near or within your vicinity exposes you to rabies, plus the fact that they are nasty pests bringing havoc and disease. The best way to prevent rat infestation is to prune your palm trees.
  3. You should be aware that growing palm trees on your property without even thinking about maintenance makes your home prone to fire. The reason is that dead palm fronds dry out quickly, and you would not want dead and dry parts of a tree exposed to the scorching heat of the sun. The only way to prevent dead palm fronds from drying out is removing them by the method of pruning.
  4. Keep in mind that when your palm tree grows, the fronds grow, too. That is why there is a need for pruning because bigger fronds correspond to more weight. It is therefore essential that you limit their growth by pruning since more weight may result to the risk of damage to property or injury when those fronds collapse or fall due to bad weather or other outdoor elements.