Why Install a Pergola in Your Home?

Does it make practical sense to install a pergola at home, even if there are a handful of other home additions to choose? Well, if your goal is to create what designers call as an “outdoor room,” then a pergola is your best option. It is true that there are many varieties to choose when it comes to utilising the outdoor space on your property. But pergolas South Australia have a unique set of benefits that no other structures offer.

1 – Outdoor Entertainment

The one thing that makes a pergola unique is that you can utilise the space as an entertainment area. For instance, you can host a weekend barbecue party with friends without worrying about the exposure to the outside elements. The atmosphere inside a pergola is different to that of a verandah, patio, or indoor space. It offers the most exciting way to enjoy the outdoors without literally being outside.

2 – Encourage Green

Just like other lattice structures, a pergola is the perfect outdoor structure for a homeowner who wants to invite and encourage the presence of greenery. The reason is that pergolas South Australia are a natural home for vines as well as other climbing plants. Building on in front of your house or in the backyard means creating diversity in your landscape.

3 – Adding Value to the Property

Another remarkable benefit of pergolas is the fact that it adds value to your property. To be fair though, all outdoor additions and structures offer an improvement to your property one way or another. However, the most glaring advantage of a pergola is that it naturally extends your floor space since it is considered as an outdoor room.

4 – Affordable

One other exciting thing about this structure is that it does not cost a lot to build. The reason is that you have an extensive array of material options when it comes to creating the structure. The materials include that of pine, PVC, wood, and others. So, if you have no intention of spending a lot of money for a steel pergola, you still can build one using other affordable materials. What is even better is the fact that there is minimal maintenance requirement for a lattice, which means you also do not spend money to keep it.

5 – Privacy

Although the typical lattice has an open space design, you have the option to add screens or drapes onto the structure if you want a little more privacy. The versatility it offers is something you do not expect to get from other types of outdoor rooms. It means you have the opportunity to use it for entertainment and gatherings, and then convert it into a more private place for relaxation, away from your neighbour’s prying eyes.