Things That Could Cause the Palm Tree to Fall

You frequently see palm trees in Australian homes and commercial properties and for a good reason. They are unique because of their appearance, giving your property some tropical feel in it. What’s even more amazing about them is that they require minimum maintenance and will last for years with simple pruning and trimming. When palm trees are healthy, they do not pose any risk or threat to your property, landscape, or garden. However, the fact that they are living things means that they still succumb to external factors that could cause them to fall and may injure someone or damage something.

It is crucial that you learn of the things that could cause your palm tree to fall, the purpose of which is to determine the right time to invest in palm tree removal Sydney before it’s too late.

1 – Strong Winds

It is true that palm trees originally come from areas where strong winds are commonplace, especially in the tropics. However, a healthy species won’t give in to strong winds since they have remarkably strong roots. However, if your palm tree has weak roots due to disease or perhaps you planted it incorrectly, then there is a strong chance it will fall when there’s a strong wind.

2 – Crown Drop

There’s a disease that wreaks havoc to palm trees in Australia, and it’s called sudden crown drop. A fungus brings it, but there is no legitimate proof that it is the primary cause of the disease. Anyway, what it does is it causes an internal decay in the trunk of the tree, and the challenge is that you won’t see it from the outside. When the disease spreads, it will cause deterioration of the entire crown, which in turn will lead to the possibility of the upper trunk to fall. Keep in mind that the upper portion of the palm tree could weigh several tons, which means that if it falls, it could severely injure someone or cause damage to your property.

3 – Palm Borer Infestation

Another reason that could cause the demise of your palm tree is palm borer infestation. It is a brown beetle that weakens your palm tree on the inside. If you notice there is an infestation, there is no other solution but to opt for palm tree removal Sydney. Large borers can leave half an inch sized holes in the trunk wood, which in turn will significantly compromise the structural integrity of the tree.

4 – Incorrect Planting Depth

Finally, your palm tree might fall if you planted it too shallow, which in turn could mean it’ll grow above soil level. The lack of a stable base to support the weight of the palm tree is dangerous, and you do not have any choice but to remove the tree.